Anonymous asked:
Do you have the american apparel disco shorts? R they comfy?I wanna get them but apparently they give you camel toe and idk if they will be too tight to dance in and have fun?

Hahaha I never have that issue at all I have four pairs! My bum comes out a bit but usually no one notices because I’m in the crowd!

Anonymous asked:
what did lexi do to you

Who’s this? And why do you care about my friendship with other people?

Anonymous asked:
Are you going to mad decent block party, hardwell or lic in van?

Deffs going to block party IDK about life In colour tho I’ve been to two and the lineups not the best, also I’ve seen hardwell like 3 times so depends if I have extra cash laying around I guess haha

rogerj1974 asked:
Have you ever been to raves in the Netherlands and would you like to go to a rave there?

No I haven’t Unfortunately! But yes of course I would love to rave everywhere!

Anonymous asked:
do you still miss him & wish you could be together again? you were cute with him.

Hey random annon! how am I suppose to follow you if you stay annon!

fiftyshadesofawkward asked:
I think my friend Michael and I met you at diso! was it you who was behind us in line day one for the swings and the sea dragon? hahah

Ya I remember! Haha sorry for the long reply I only go on tumblr on my phone and I never see my messages!

ritzrabbit asked:
you are just absolutely stunning. beautiful and gorgeous beyond belief. i just thought i should share and let you know that.

Awe thank you so much! this just made my day! Sorry it took forever to reply I never see my messages because I only go on tumblr on my phone! Your blog is dope!