rogerj1974 asked:
Have you ever been to raves in the Netherlands and would you like to go to a rave there?

No I haven’t Unfortunately! But yes of course I would love to rave everywhere!

Anonymous asked:
do you still miss him & wish you could be together again? you were cute with him.

Hey random annon! how am I suppose to follow you if you stay annon!

fiftyshadesofawkward asked:
I think my friend Michael and I met you at diso! was it you who was behind us in line day one for the swings and the sea dragon? hahah

Ya I remember! Haha sorry for the long reply I only go on tumblr on my phone and I never see my messages!

ritzrabbit asked:
you are just absolutely stunning. beautiful and gorgeous beyond belief. i just thought i should share and let you know that.

Awe thank you so much! this just made my day! Sorry it took forever to reply I never see my messages because I only go on tumblr on my phone! Your blog is dope!


i like staying up at unhumanly hours but i also like getting 12 hours of sleep do u see my problem